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There is nothing like a luxurious, rejuvenating, and amazing smelling bathing experience! 🛁 Our bath soaks guarantee a relaxing experience .

Available in :

"So Zesty " 🍊 An uplifting and refreshing aroma blend of

Orange Oils , Oatmeal , Orange Slices .

"New Moon 🌙 "

Refreshing detoxifying soak to draw out toxins .

A blend of Sage , Jasmine , Rose Petals , Calendula , Daisies Flowers Eucalyptus & Lavender .

Rose to soothe emotions and bring you into a safe place.

Calendula for healing of our inner and outer being.

Lavender for its relaxation properties

Blue cornflowers simply for their beauty.

Sage for its ability to bring us clarity of mind and balance.

"Self -Love " 💖

A semi sweet aroma blend with Pink Himalayan Salt , Lavender , Rose , Jasmine ..

These simple blends are designed with purity in mind and contains a light sweet uplifting aroma to enjoy some much needed self -care / love .

" Calming Bath Salts 💤 "

A calming aroma made with Manzanilla ( Chamomile), Lavender & Oats .

Gently relaxes the body and mind. Promotes a good night's sleep, while soothing muscle aches / pains , softening and soothing skin.

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Bath Salts

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