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Exfoliate and saturate your skin with powerful anti-oxidants from Cranberry seeds and Cranberries. A deep cleansing exfoliator that clarifies and tones skin. Cranberry Sugar Exfoliating Scrub buffs away dead skin cells, unclogs enlarged, congested pores, improves skin tone, and increases blood circulation.

Pomegranate Seed Oil -

has strong anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties by helping to fend off free radicals. It also helps unclog pores on the face to help in relieve the symptoms of acne.

Cranberry Seed Oil can aid in the relief of itchy, scaly, irritated skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Cranberry Seed Oil also contains a significant amount of sugar Vitamin A, making it a good choice for inclusion within blends for acne or blemished skin.

Cranberry seeds gently exfoliates skin .

10.4 oz

Cranberry Pomegranate Scrub

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