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Indulge your senses with our deliciously Watermelon Sugar Scrub 🍉 a delightful treat for your skin that captures the essence of summer . This luxurious scrub is handcrafted with love, combining the finest ingredients to leave your skin feeling velvety smooth and radiant.Enriched skin loving oils and clays , to exfoliate dead skin , prevent ingron hairs, and improve skin texture . our Watermelon Sugar Scrub deeply moisturizes, leaving your skin hydrated and supple.


Rose clay exfoliates the skin gently, aids in the removal of impurities, improves circulation, soothes skin irritation, and decreases inflammation.


Poppy seeds are rich in amino acids, antioxidants and B vitamins. They gently remove dirt and toxins. This makes them an excellent natural exfoliant that helps remove dead skin cells and encourages cell regeneration.


Jojoba Oil has anti-inflammatory properties which help to tame chaffing and chapping, reduce redness caused by drying, ease the effects of eczema and rosacea, and keep skin calm and comfortable. The Vitamin E and B-complex vitamins in the Jojoba Oil help in skin repair and damage control.


Apricot oil helps to improve skin tone, maintain softness and radiance of the skin. It also nourishes the skin and lowers the appearance of face wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes (that's the Vitamin C and E working in partnership - and for more on those powerhouse ingredients, take a look at our Vitamin C+E Booster).

Watermelon Scrub

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