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Enhance your space with our Enchanted/ Fairy Tale Candles . Made with a beautiful rose gold tin vessels . Perfect for creating a calming and peaceful atmosphere."

Enchanted Candle 🌱 🕯️ -Is a bright , fresh and citrusy candle . A blend of jasmine , lavender and a touch of sandalwood . You'll love this perfect combination of oils.

Fairy Tale Candle 🧚‍♀️ 🕯️ -is a combination of pineapple , nectar , rose , lavender and vanilla . This fresh & sweet candle you'll love .

Experience the magic of our Enchanted / Fairy Tale Candles . Made with creamy coconut wax and adorned with dried botanicals for each candle vessel, each burn will transport you to a world of relaxation.

40 hours burn time , recommended to trim wick for burn .

Enchanted Fairy Scrub 🧚‍♀️

A blend of of Enchanted & Fairy Tale oils that help

exfoliate dead skin , hydrate and prevent ingrown hairs . Made with skin loving ingredients , such as jojoba oil , rose kaolin clay , green tea matcha powder , to promote glowy - healthy skin .

Enchanted Fairy Soap -

Cleansing Bar that helps remove dirt , bacteria while hydrating the skin . Made with skin loving oils and butters

Enchanted Fairy Collection

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