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“Rose Marigold Serum” 🌹✨-Boosts skin hydration -Plumps skin-Soothes dry skin-Contains Antibacterial properties -Contains Anti-Aging properties -Calms irritates skin-Brightens dark spots Bearberry- contains a natural lightening compound called arbutin that's said to be quite powerful at fading dark spots .Rosehip Oil-Helps reduce acnePromotes softer, more supple skinAllows for a brighter, more radiant complexionHelps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinklesHelps diminish the appearance of scars and stretch marksGinseng-It prevents aging, maintains the skins elasticity, lengthens the lifespan of skin cells, is an antioxidant, activities the skin, and prevents the skin cells from aging.Rose extracts are high in vitamin C so they help to stimulate collagen and are high in vitamin E so it's very moisturizing.”Marigold flower revitalized dull and sagging skin. It also soothes dry, sensitive and damaged skin. It reduces acne, rashes, pimples and blemishes. ... Its powerful anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties have been used to soothe rashes, heal wounds and all other skin infections.Directions : Apply after washing /toning your face . Can be used under makeup .🌱 vegan 

“Rose Marigold Serum “

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