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Spa Day Bath Salts /Soak 🛁

There is nothing better than a warm relaxing bath after a long day. Except for a warm relaxing bath after a long day with our refreshing bath salts .

Fill your bathtub with warm water, add bath salts to bath to dissolve, get in the tub, close your eyes and allow the scents of our refreshing bath salts to melt your troubles away!

Breathe deeply and drift off into your own personal state of Zen.

Our bath salts are made with green tea matcha , jasmine , sea salt , pink himalayan salt , orange slices , rosemary , and eucalyptus... This amazing combination of ingredients , is the perfect addition to you pre-bed bath routine.

Treat yourself to the one thing that we all desire in this life, a quality and relaxing moment of serene soaking. Stay in the tub till your fingers and toes are nice and pruny, after all you earned it!

Spa Day Bath Soak

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